Protection Not Prevention

Michael Collis
 In today's climate of cybersecurity, we need to look to protection, and not prevention. Prevention is simply not working. Brian Dye, a Senior VP at Symantec, a global leader in antivirus software, has stated numerous times that antivirus products are "dead." Dye estimates that antivirus only catches 45% of cyber attacks. Yet antivirus and firewalls are most small businesses’ only defense against cyber attacks
Data is the lifeblood of a business. What would happen to your company if all of your data was held hostage or completely breached? How long would you be down? What would this do to your company’s reputation?
The idea of stopping attacks has become a losing and very expensive battle. While IT budgets are not increasing at the needed rate, business in the cyber criminal world is booming. The FBI predicts ransomware damage to reach $1,000,000,000 in  2016. Criminals are now using their own software as a service model, selling hacking kits to novice hackers and taking a cut of the profits. Anyone can go out and buy these hacking kits, and they are designed so the most basic user can deploy. The war against cyber criminal activity is ongoing, but the battle is being won by the bad guys.
Prevention will ultimately fail; protection is what is required. Expecting ransomware not to happen is like expecting no car accidents to occur. We do all we can to prevent them, but they happen every day. If the prevention of car accidents were realistic, we wouldn't need seatbelts or airbags. Do you want a car without an airbag? Do you want your teenager driving without their seatbelt fastened? Why doesn't your network have an airbag? Why isn't your network wearing a seatbelt?
WatchPoint Introduces the Seatbelt.
WatchPoint has released to protect your network when a malicious attacker breaches your traditional defenses and attempts to encrypt or steal your valuable data. will continuously monitor your system for ransom ware activity. When ransom ware is detected, isolates the offending user, notifies you of the infection and prevents any damage from occurring. Learn more and download a fully functional 14-day test drive. The trial allows you to simulate a ransomware attack on your network and see the isolation process in action.CrytoStopper_exmplainer_844x510.png

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