The Golden Hour of Cyber Security

Nathan Studebaker


New data from the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Report shows that businesses have a one-hour window to detect a data breach and contain it. After that, they risk losing control of their network. 

The term “golden hour” originated from hospitals where trauma patients have the highest likelihood of survival when treated within the first hour. Speed counts in hospitals and it also counts when confronted with cyber attacks


Visibility  WPD_hands_over_cyber_security.jpg

The biggest challenge for most businesses is simply recognizing that an attack is taking place. Companies often have several detection products in place, but none of them are capable of providing a holistic, real-time picture of the attack. 

WatchPoint’s Comprehensive Cyber Security solution overcomes the difficult challenge of having visibility throughout your network. Through WatchPoint, you can arm your endpoints with real-time analysis and threat response.

Bringing It All Together 

With WatchPoint, you’ll gain the speed and visibility required to secure your network. Compromised endpoints are triaged at the moment of compromise. The source of the data breach is discovered in seconds, not days, or weeks, or months. And your network will become stronger with each attack, not weaker. Through a continuous recorder, you can roll back the tape, learn from the attack, and strengthen any weaknesses. Learn about WatchPoint in just two minutes:

watchpoint overview video


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